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About CYAN Home Remodeling 

CYAN Home Remodeling takes pride in being a family owned business that was founded in 2005 as a painting and drywall specialist.  Over the years, one customer at a time, we have expanded our services to include any home renovation or remodeling project you can image.  We have built sunrooms, remodeled kitchens, added patio's with pavilions, completed drywall work and painted hotels etc.  During our growth, we have focused on ensuring one thing:  every job, every customer, every time, each customer will receive the highest quality craftsmanship, no matter what.  Our growth has been slow and methodical for that reason, to ensure our quality never decreases.   Our CEO is passionate about providing the highest quality products & installation in Ohio.  We hire and train only the best personnel to ensure we exceed all customer expectations.  Check out our 5 - Star reviews.  Reach out today to see how our team of experts can turn your home remodeling project into YOUR DREAM HOME.  

Our Process

Whether you’re looking for a complete kitchen renovation, a bathroom remodel, a room addition, or to redesign your whole house, we will be right by your side every step of the way.

Preconstruction Design

An initial consultation in your home will provide you with timeframe and budget expectations for your project

Design & Construction Estimate

After materials are finalized a specific design will be completed and a start and expected completion date will be established.  

On-Site Consultations

On-site consultations will be scheduled to ensure work quality and adherence to the agreed upon timeframe and budget.

The Finishing

One we are nearing completion, we offer one final consultation to fine-tune any finishing touches and to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Our Quality Guarantee

One of the most important aspects of any home improvement plan is finding a contractor that offers an excellent warranty on their work and products. A home improvement warranty can help protect your investment for years after the project is finished in the event that there is a defect in the installation, workmanship, or materials. 

Using a professional home improvement company such as CYAN Home Remodeling will ensure that you are getting the best service in the industry and the best warranty options along with it.

Home improvement warranties are used by home remodelers to protect homeowners from defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty serves as a way for homeowners to protect the investment in their home, while also representing the confidence that the contractor has in their products and services. The type of warranty will vary from company to company, so it’s important to read the terms and conditions of any contract before going forward with it. 


There are usually two types of warranties that come with a home improvement plan: the manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in the products and materials purchased, and the installer’s warranty covering defects in the installation. Here’s a quick guide to learning more about both.

  • Parts: A warranty on the parts that you are receiving with your home improvement project cover workmanship and materials of the actual part being installed. This will vary from brand to brand unless it is a part manufactured by the contractor.

  • Labor: A labor warranty will cover the actual installation of the products and materials used in the remodeling project. This will protect you from the workmanship of the installation process. In other words, should anything go wrong with your renovation after it’s installed due to faulty workmanship or installation methods, your labor warranty would cover it.


Our warranty* assures you, the customer, that should a problem occur during the warranty* period, the product or service is protected against defects in material or workmanship when it is correctly installed or performed according to all supplied instructions for the duration of the stated warranty* period.

*See local representative for a full copy of warranty information. 


Subject to the respective state law, the warranty* begins on the date the product/service is delivered to the original purchaser. Once the warranty* period has begun, it cannot be stopped or interrupted.


We reserve the right to deny or reverse any and all warranty* claims for parts, labor, or miscellaneous charges when errors are found or warranty* provisions are abused or fraudulent claims are submitted.

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